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Professional Photographer - Kardakaris Photography

Spiros Kardakaris is a professional photographer in Corfu specialising in photography services. The story of Kardakaris Photography as a professional photographer dates back to 1952. It all started in Athens when my uncle, a self-taught photographer, at the age of 22 started to capture major events of that period in the streets of the city. It wasn’t long until he was established as a photojournalist, launching his own studio, while he collaborated with journalists magazines and newspapers of that time and was a founding member of Photojournalists society of Greece.

As I grew up close to him, my uncle’s activity had a strong influence on the hobbies of my youth, and the art of photography began to all the more fascinate me. So at the age of 14, after getting my very first camera, I started exploring this magical art and the mysteries of the darkroom.

I specialized in photojournalism already from a young age. What drove me the most to this type of photography was the particular reflexes one must have to master it. When witnessing history in the making, a photojournalist must be alert to capture it. He needs to be quick and decisive in his thinking and shooting in order to immortalize the moment that best represents what is happening before his eyes. A mere moment of hesitation is enough to cost him a unique frame. It is just as important to be perceptive as a photojournalist and have the ability to distinguish important events from less important. Its promptness and fast pace is what sets photojournalism apart from any other type of photography.

This lead me to work as a photojournalist on a professional basis, until I decided to take the leap and leave Athens to return back to Corfu, in order to pursue social event photography, which gave me a lot of space for creative development. It is a type of photography quite similar to photojournalism, as it shares a common philosophy, while remaining particular in its own way. Shooting for a wedding or a baptism is much like photojournalism in a way. The photographer is present to compose his own story with everything happening around him as a point of departure.

I continue working as a photographer until today, with my two daughters who have studied photography in ESP and have attended artistic photography seminars in the artistic association “Photo circle”.


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